Max Paterson - The Drum Teacher

My passion for playing drums and music came from a young age. I started having professional lessons at the age 12 as I’d taken an interest in the instrument after seeing it on TV. This was right before I started high school so I, of course, enrolled myself in drum lessons and also joined the High School Big Band which I was a member of for 3 years.

During High School I met two friends who shared the same passion for the styles of music that I did. This created my first band in which we played cover songs and some originals as well. We played gigs together, doing battle of the bands, private parties and also a few pub gigs along the way all at a young age of 14. Once High School finished I continued playing in several different bands the most successful of them being Pandorum. I played our own original music with these guys for 3 and a half years and was lucky enough to play all around Melbourne in some of the best live venues such as: The Prince Band RoomHi-F BarThe Espy The Gershwin RoomThe Evelyn Hotel and The John Curtain Lounge just to name a few.

I have also toured overseas with Pandorum, as we played in Singapore for the Music Matters festival. This was an amazing experience and opportunity to perform our own original music in a foreign country.


Over the years, I began conducting my own private lessons which, much like playing live, I found I had a great passion for. 

My love for teaching stems from the privilege of watching a musician evolve (once they put the practice in of course). As well as my private tuition lessons, I have also worked for a professional music school called Wendys Music, a teaching company where students come to a professional studio to take private tuition. I taught there for 3 years, have taught all ages and levels of students. 

My goal is to pass on some of my experiences that I have had to enthuse students to persist in having music as a passion and most of all having fun.


My Gear


Snare Drums

Sleishman Jarrah Block
DW Bamboo Shell
Pearl Birch/Maple Shell
Pearl Export Popular Shell
Ludwig Brass Shell

Drum Set-Tama Starclassic B/B

Bass Drum - 24''x18''
Rack Toms - 10''/12''
Floor Tom - 16''x16''
Side Snare - 8'' (Pearl Popcorn Snare)


Hi-Hats-Ziligian 14''A-Custom Masterhats
Splash 1-Ziligian 8''A-Custom
Splash 2-Paiste 10''2002 series
Crashes-Paiste 16'' full crash,18''Medium Crash and 18'' Dark Energy Crash
Ride-Dream 20'' Energy Raw Ride

Drum Set