Lesson By Lesson

Just want to give it one lesson at a time..

How much?
$30 per half hour

$50 per hour lesson

What do you get?

  • You get a 30min or 60min session one on one with max
  • Come as you please with no locked in lessons weekly
  • All equipment supplied (Drums,sticks,music stand,drum stool etc

Five Pack

Five lessons for the price of four

How much?
$120 (half hour lessons)

$200 (Hour Lessons)

What do you get?

  • You are getting five lessons for the price of four
  • Weekly lessons of the time of your choice
  • Better value for money in getting a whole 30min or 60min lesson for free
  • All equipment supplied

The Maximum Package

A term worth of lessons, best value for money

How much?
$350 (half hour option)

$500 (Hour Lessons)

What do you get?

  • You are getting 8 lessons either,30min or 60min duration at a discount overall
  • A pair of drum sticks.(You choose what brand,model)Free of charge!
  • All theory books supplied
  • Practice pad and stand(For students who don't have)

Optional Add-Ons

Starter Pack


What you get?

  • Practice pad with stand
  • Drum stool
  • Pair of drum sticks
  • Your first drum theory book
  • 30min drum lesson

Student Video


What you get?

  • Once a student has learnt a song, he or she can get it filmed in the drum studio playing Max's kit
  • Video gets edited and put up on Maximum Drumming's Youtube channel
  • Student gets a copy of video on USB or DVD 

Tuning Service


What you get?

  • Max gets to tune your whole drum set, making it sound the best it can be
  • Offering re-skinning of your kit.  Showing you how to re-skin your drums
  • Giving you a lesson in Tuning so next time students can do it themselves

Lesson Plan

 I conduct my lessons on a half hour and hour lesson basis.  During the lesson I teach students reading drum notation, hand techniques, correct posture, performance tips and getting use to playing with a click.  The benefit with the way I teach is that the student gets to learn on a full drum kit so he or she can experience the feel of the instrument from the very start of the learning process.  If you are a beginner, I start with learning the very basics of understanding how to approach the instrument. Once you have established a good foundation, we can then focus on what style of music you are interested in, then we can pursue that direction.

Student's with a previous lesson history I will help continue with there past studies and also show them a few new ideas to add to there musical ideas.  Part of my lesson program for more experience students is learning songs that they get to choose in which I run backing tracks so I can play along side the student to see their progress.




  • Learn on a full size drum kit
  • More affordable way to have private tuition
  • Learn about equipment,get to know your way around the instrument
  • Learn songs along side playing with Max the teacher
  • Can bring your own equipment to add to kit
  • Students get a great foundation learning on an acoustic drum kit
  • Max the teacher is playing with you at every step of the learning process